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Terms & Conditions

The Mark Method is the trading name of The Mark Method Limited Company No. 11116422

You (as the client) sending payment to me (The Mark Method) is an action that accepts the Terms & Conditions listed below. Concerns with any of the Terms & Conditions should be discussed BEFORE payment is sent.

GDPR Compliance

How do I store your data in order to comply with GDPR 2018?

Information such as your contact details will only ever be stored on a password protected device or in a secure lockable location. No one can access this data other than myself, or yourself upon request.


What data do I keep?

The data I will store may include, but would not be limited to, your name, age, contact information, and where applicable any injuries you have/have had, any medical information I need to be aware of, measurements for progression, and so forth. Your information may be collected manually or electronically and predominately using a Physical Activity and Readiness Questionnaire form (hereafter PAR-Q).


A record of our completed sessions will be kept on file each month to be provided for meeting accountancy and tax purposes, however no third party will have access to any of your private details and will not be able to identify you by using said records.


Why do I need your data/what do I use it for?

The data I keep is all relevant to your sessions, being used to help you meet your goal(s), or for insurance purposes. I keep data to be able to refer to any previous goal(s) met and overall progress, or to look at previous programmes I have provided which enables me to continue to provide the best service possible. I will use the data to ensure necessary allowances are made for your programmes as needed, for example, avoiding certain movements if you have an injury etc.

What if my data changes once we have already commenced sessions?

If you have any changes in your health since completing a PAR-Q form, you will either need to complete a new one or be able to provide medical notes to be stored with the original form by way of updated details. If any medical notes need to be obtained from a third party, your written consent will be obtained before any attempts are made to contacting other professionals. Examples may include, but are not limited to, physiotherapists, chiropractors and GP’s. The information obtained in this way will only ever be used to enable my professional understanding on your medical needs and allow me to make any necessary allowances to your programmes and provide the best service to you at all times.


How long do I keep your data?

PAR-Q forms will be stored for up to 6 years. I will not keep any other data longer than necessary. If sessions come to a permanent end then your data will no longer be stored, with the exception of records of previous sessions completed in order to meet accountancy and tax requirements. Any data I receive that I no longer deem necessary to keep or are not relevant for your sessions will be discarded securely with immediate effect for your protection.

By contacting me you agree to have data, such as your email address & private information, safely stored and used when moving forward with my services. If going ahead you will be asked to complete a client consent form which will confirm that I am committed to protecting your privacy as above. If you do not go ahead with sessions, any data collected will be securely deleted.

By using my services, you also agree to be contacted by The Mark Method Ltd. by phone, text or E-mail for reasons including, but not limited to, appointment confirmations, my availability, payment reminders, appointment reminders, promotional information, advice or programming content.


If you are a regular client and the privacy policy changes at any time, you will be notified.



The consultation is a mandatory, free of charge, no obligation to sign up appointment so that I the trainer can get to know about you and your needs as a potential client.


This consultation is free for the first booking however still subject to the appointment bookings, lateness and cancellation terms listed below. If the terms in question are violated, rather than incurring a fee, you would be charged the standard pay as you go rate upon the next booking.


You cannot exchange this free consultation for any other service.


From start to finish the consultation includes:

Upon booking you will be sent a link to the Terms & Conditions on my website of which you have the opportunity to read through in your own time. You will be required to sign to say you agree to them at our consultation before proceeding.

If you don’t agree and wish to raise anything with me, you can raise any concerns to me before our first appointment which also gives me time to take on anything you have to say. If you haven’t read them, you will be required to read through them before signing. If you want a copy printed for your appointment, notify me upon booking if not before our appointment.

Taking your details for the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) such as personal details, goals, medical history, injury history (which may include: doctors notes, XRays/MRI Scans etc.)

*Please note, if I feel we cannot proceed with the sessions due to medical history/injury history, you may be referred to your GP, a Physio or the appropriate clinician before starting our training sessions. If you are to be referred, we will still continue to complete the consultation.

We go through everything there is to know about your current lifestyle (such as exercise, nutrition, sleep to name a few)

Advising you on what and how you could start to improve on where you are at with that currently. I will make notes to email over to you after the session.

If at any point you have any questions relevant to our sessions, this would be the perfect opportunity to ask. This can range from what my views are on a given subject, advice on supplements/diets, equipment you may want to purchase etc.

Availability & pricing at this point if not discussed already would then be discussed

After the session (may be a different day) notes & “homework” from our consultation will be emailed to you

We would then hopefully get started on our first session


Should you go through this appointment and unfortunately not wish to proceed with sessions, I post lots of free information which may help on my various platforms on social media.

If you later decide you wish to go ahead, if it has been more than 6 months or your circumstances have changed you’ll be required to have another consultation however this will be charged half of the current pay as you go rate.

Appointment bookings

Appointments won’t be officially booked until payment has been received in advance, however I always make sure you I have the availability you want before taking payment. You will be sent confirmation of your bookings via text unless you have set sessions of which will roll over to the following month.


Due to current availability (May24), sessions are typically booked on a Set Session basis, meaning the same day and same time each week. If you the client are unable to do Set Sessions, there may not be the availability to get you booked in.

​It is your responsibility to contact me to schedule appointments and appointments are subject to availability, appointments that aren’t used within a month will expire unless agreed otherwise.

If you only know your schedule 1 or 2 weeks at a time but still wish to pay in advance for x sessions per week for it to work out cheaper, it is your responsibility to contact me to schedule appointments upon you receiving your schedule and appointments are subject to availability, appointments that aren’t used within that timeframe will expire unless agreed otherwise.

When you have a holiday the more notice the better to guarantee your session(s) can be rearranged.

If I have holiday booked, I will let you know as soon as possible to rearrange our session(s). If we're unable to rearrange the session(s), the following payment will be reduced to accommodate, if this isn’t a viable option for you, a refund will be processed.

When you sign up to Personal Training blocks (not pay as you go), both Programming & Nutrition Coaching are included. In the consultation it will be discussed as to what services you wish to utilise and which you don't. Not using the Programming & Nutrition Coaching that is included, doesn't mean there will be a discount on the package and it won't be able to be saved for a later date.


The Mark Method Ltd. has a no refund policy, unless there has been no exchange of goods/services at the point of requesting a refund or if there has been no work started on goods/services at the point of requesting a refund.

Payment must be made before any sessions or work takes place.

Cash & Bank Transfer is accepted. Any currency that isn't pound sterling must be equivalent to pound sterling after the exchange rate.

E.g. May24 example £35 = $44.48 USD / £35 = $66.72 AUD

Session expiry

All sessions are subject to expire within the month of the date of payment. If we agree to postpone one or multiple sessions, it is your responsibility to contact me to book these in before they expire.

How to contact me

As I work in appointments it is always best to text me as I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to answer should you call.

If you do choose to call me and I do not answer, feel free to text me about what you were calling about and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

I do not check my emails as regularly as I do text messages; this is why you should never use email as a means of booking/cancelling sessions (unless far in advance), notifying me of you being late, cancelling sessions or any other information I would need to know sooner rather than later.

When you can contact me

I am a big believer in work-life balance not only for you guys but for me to. My days will often start as soon as 4:30am and finish as late as 8pm however, you can contact me as per my working hours listed on my website and on my Google Business page (just google The Mark Method)

Once I am outside of my working hours my phone often goes onto silent or I disable notifications so I am not constantly working.

You can text, message, email me when you like but please note that I may not get back to you outside of these working hours.

During my annual leave I’ll only respond to urgent messages.


If you know you are going to be late and are on your way, please notify me via text as soon as possible. Even if this means you slightly delay to notify me via text whilst you’re making your way.

If you arrive late and continue with the session, we are to finish the session according to the original booking e.g. If we have a session arranged 12pm-1pm and you arrive at 12:10pm, we will still finish at 1pm. This is due to commonly having other appointment commitments.


If you are 10minutes late, I will text you via the mobile number you have provided in our consultation to find out where you are/if you are on your way.

If you are 15minutes late, I will call you via the mobile number you have provided in our consultation to find out where you are/if you are on your way.

If you are 20minutes late and I still haven’t heard from you, the session will be cancelled, you will be charged and I will notify you via text.

TIP: If you are a heavy sleeper and we have booked an early morning appointment, to prevent you from over sleeping set a minimum of 3 alarms all consecutive to each other in minute intervals e.g. 5am, 5:01am, 5:02am. This helps prevent you waking up to the first alarm and accidentally snoozing / going back to sleep. OR if needed I can do "wake up calls" up to 60mins before our early appointment should I not have an appointment scheduled before.

It can also be helpful for you to set a reminder of our session the evening before, the morning of or 30-60minutes before our session to ensure you don’t forget.


If you know you cannot make an appointment, please notify me via text as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to contact me to reschedule the appointment(s), appointments are subject to availability, appointments that aren’t used within the timeframe will expire unless agreed otherwise.

If you give 24hours+ notice, you can reschedule your session any time within the payment month without losing the session.

If you give less than 24hours notice, I have the right to cancel the session of which will be charged and will notify you via text.


If you don’t give any notice, the session will be charged and I will notify you via text.

If you wish to cancel and stop with the service you are having, let me know as soon as you can. We will continue our sessions until we reach the end but I can spend the remaining time making sure you will be in the best possible place on your own if I haven’t already.​

Waiting List

If I reach my maximal capacity I will put together a waiting list; If you make an enquiry I'll notify you of this.

When enquiring, I take details such as Name, Goal(s), Deadline, What package you want to go with, your availability, Online or In-Person Coaching and will contact you once a slot comes up.

The waiting list is based around availability and if I have slots open up that matches what you requested. If this is the case I'll contact the first person who requested that availability. If they don't reply within 48hours, I will contact the next person.

Price List

Contact me to see my price list.

Pricing is subject to change but you will always be given at least 1 months notice prior to any changes.


If you sustain an injury, you have options. You can:

Continue with the service you are having, I adapt the sessions to ensure not only do we not worsen the injury but we work to aid it’s recovery, however if I feel it’s within your best interest to be referred I will pause our sessions until you have been seen by the appropriate clinician.

Continue with the service you are having, whilst also seeing a clinician. I have worked in conjunction with many different professionals (listed below) so it would be useful for me to know what they recommend. If you work with a clinician that isn’t mentioned below, I would be more than happy for you to pass on my details so both them and I can work together to give you the best help possible.

This would require you to give consent (written or emailed) of us professionals discussing and disclosing your personal/medical information.

You can pause your sessions until you are ready to return.

The Mark Method works in conjunction with:

Kettering Physio First (Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Sport & Remedial Massage)

Stronglines Physiotherapy

Boardman Sport & Injury Therapy Rushden (Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Acupuncture, Pregnancy Massage, Ultrasound Therapy, Kinesio Taping)

Corby Chiropractic (Chiropractic Treatment, Dry Needling)

Kettering Osteopaths (Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Podiatry)

The Mark Method (Intrinsic Biomechanics Screenings – Mild to Low Grade Injuries)

You can also go through the NHS, this is likely to take a lot longer as they have long waiting lists which could mean your treatment is delayed and further complications may arise. I would always recommend getting an injury assessed sooner rather than later when possible.


As I work with people of all abilities with various health conditions, if you yourself are ill please notify me via text as soon as you can be advised on whether we should postpone our session or not as well as what you can do in the meantime until our next session.


*If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, do not come in for the session and follow the NHS guidelines*

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT)

SGPT is when I the coach will work with up to 6 other individuals. The consultation(s) can happen per person for a more personalised feel however typically to start building that report right from the start this would typically be done in the group you will be training in unless you have drastically different lifestyles.


SGPT Payments

SGPT is a more viable option for a lot of people as the payment is spread out across multiple people. You will be give a due date for the payment to be made by each participant.


If payment has not been received by all individual(s) by the due date, the individual(s) who have made payment will be required to pay the difference to be in line with the price list e.g. if you were meant to be a group of 6 but are now a group of 3, each individual will be required to pay the increased amount per person or the group booking will be terminated.


If the group can no longer go ahead, the moneys paid will be refunded to the respective individuals.


Lateness and cancellations slightly differ from the terms above as there is more than 1 individual involved in the service.


SGPT Lateness

If no one out of the group has arrived for the session, the session will be subject to the cancellations portion below.


If 1 or more individual(s) arrive to the session, the session will start at the start time. Any other participant that arrives late will need to warm up before joining in with the rest of the session and will skip any of the session they have missed.


If the late participant chooses to not do a proficient warm up, this is entirely at the participants risk and the participant agrees that any risk of injury is not at the fault of The Mark Method.


SGPT Cancellations

If you know you cannot make an appointment, please notify me via text as soon as possible. If 1 or more individuals cannot make the appointment booked, I will try my absolute best to reschedule and accommodate where I can; however the group will need to be in agreement on the new session date and time or you will forfeit the session. With SGPT typically we would book all appointments in advance with the whole group in agreement to ensure it best suits each individual.

If you give 24hours+ notice, I will try my best to reschedule your session any time within the payment month without losing the session.

If you give less than 24hours notice, the individual(s) who cannot make the session will be charged and will notify them via text.


If you don’t give any notice, the individual(s) who do not make the session will be charged and I will notify them via text.

If you wish to cancel and stop with the service you are having, let me know as soon as you can. We will continue our sessions until we reach the end but I can spend the remaining time making sure you will be in the best possible place on your own if I haven’t already.


SGPT Transferring Sessions

If one or more individual can no longer make the session, when a new payment is due, it will be subject to the price list based on how many individuals will be training e.g. if you were training in a group of 6 but are now training in a group of 3, you will be required to pay the increased amount per person.


As the coach, I will try my best to recruit other participants to your group (with the groups consent) however you are more than welcome to recruit any friends & family to your group.


SGPT is subject to all other terms and conditions as outlined above.


Online Coaching

The difference between Online Coaching and In Person Coaching is Online Coaching requires a bit more communication & won’t include In Person sessions.


Programming not completed, nutrition strategies not implemented or failure to communicate with me as your coach is not the responsibility of The Mark Method; I as your coach will always do my best to support you but this doesn’t mean you will be entitled to a refund/discount if you don’t follow the service I’m trying to provide.


Online Coaching is still subject to all of the terms and conditions as outlined above.



I am located at:

UNIT 8, Adam Business Centre, Telford Way Industrial Estate, Kettering, NN16 8PX


The Cave Gym, 5 Pasteur Courtyard, Whittle Road, Corby, NN17 5DX

*Membership required for In Person Coaching

As well as Online Coaching being available.


Gift Cards

All Gift Cards are subject to terms and conditions as outlined above.

In addition, please note that Gift Cards are also subject to the following:

Gift Cards are good for one use only, by one person; unless it has been specified upon purchase that the gift card is for group sessions.

Each Gift Card is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a cash value.

Bookings are subject to availability.

Gift Cards must be used before the expiry date applied.

Gift Cards are valid only for the service specified at purchase.

To redeem the Gift Card it must be presented at the receiver's consultation or first appointment or the receiver will be charged before the service takes place, of which the fee will be at the standard rate of the applicable service.

The consultation is mandatory and must be had before we start with any of the services the gift card has been purchased for.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 2024 and will remain in effect except with respect to any changes in its provisions in the future, which will be in effect immediately after being posted on this page.


I reserve the right to update or change this Privacy Policy at any time and your continued use of the site or interaction with my services after posting any modifications, will constitute your acknowledgment and your consent to abide by the modified Privacy Policy.


Any material changes to this policy, will be shared with you either through the email address you provide, or by placing a prominent notice on this website.


- These Terms & Conditions were updated May 2024

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