My Nutrition Secrets for Weight Loss...

Unpopular opinion? Here's the process I take clients through: 1. You track nutrition for 2 weeks without altering anything & track EVERYTHING. 2. We go through your nutrition, slowly start to include foods containing nutrients you may be lacking and how you can add said foods in your meals (also make sure your activity type & amount suits your goal). 3. We gradually lower calories. That simple!

  • No product I'm selling.

  • No restrictive plan.

  • No agenda to push.

  • Nothing completely different to your normal habits.

  • You'll feel better from the added nutritional content.

  • Usually costs less money than some product you're told to buy in to.

  • You get to eat PROPER FOOD.

  • You can still enjoy the occasional drink & meal out like normal people.

  • AND more importantly sustainable!

What's wrong with this? "Eating a balanced diet" isn't sexy to sell to people! just as prehab isn't sexy to people who just want to lift heavy stuff! A lot of the time it's because it doesn't make you feel like your kick starting a healthier lifestyle with something new... ...Which is exactly the reason why it's so sustainable! You likely don't need to change much! Interested? Message me and we'll get you booked in for a Nutritional Analysis Appointment Get Thicc or Die Tryin!