In November 2017 I spent £275 on the Rogue Ohio Power Bar and boooyyyy was it worth it! However I have never deep cleaned it like I did yesterday and the results show as it looks & feels brand new! When relating basic maintenance with yourself, you likely do some form of basic maintenance. Examples being: • Brushing your teeth/visiting the dentist • Having a yearly eye test • Getting your car/motorbike serviced Etc. But when it comes to physical movement, it's quite rare that people will do some kind of maintenance like biomechanics, physio, chiropractic, massage, mobility work etc. BEFORE there actually being an issue. Why?

1. Because it isn't sexy - you don't get a pump/it doesn't lower the number on the scales or slim the waist...well at least most forms if body maintenance. 2. You don't see/feel an immediate result - like how you would getting your car cleaned, cleaning your teeth or putting on an updated prescription of glasses. 3. Let's face it, a lot of it is boring - do I need to elaborate on this point? BUT now imagine you're achy joints no longer ache, you move better and feel lighter on your feet, you have less/no injuries. It's true that there isn't a single 'injury prevention' exercise. "Do X exercise to prevent X injury"? I wish it was that simple, but it isn't. If you have extra money you can get a new barbell, new teeth, eye surgery or a new car/motorbike however that's a lot of money that doesn't need to be spent from doing basic maintenance. But with the body the cost is a lot greater and more than any amount of money and you only get one single irreplaceable body. Do basic maintenance folks!

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