Lose lbs or lose inches?

I'm sure we've all heard the "muscle weighs more than fat" saying which is technically inaccurate. It's like saying what's heavier 1 tonne of bricks or 1 tonne of feathers?

This week I had a break through moment with a client when talking about an appearance based goal and a weight loss based goal. Which are technically 2 different things.

For the average person with the goal of wanting to lose weight often they get the 2 goals confused. With that I always politely ask why do you want to lose weight? Why is weight loss important to the client? This is to see if there's a deeper meaning behind the goal. And 9 times out of 10 they'll say something along the lines of they want to be slimmer.

Here's 2 scenarios to get you thinking about what I mean:

Scenario 1

You have the body of your dreams but you don't lose any weight...with this scenario are you disappointed?

Scenario 2

You reach your desired weight but your appearance doesn't change.

Now which would you prefer?

I'm not saying both aren't achievable together but often when going through the weight loss journey you'll notice fluctuations (perfectly normal) which can happen a lot dependant on a load of variables such as water weight, time of day, what you ate for previous meals etc. and the disappointment the client can get from this can be huge to the point of tears sometimes not good!

So what's the point of this article?

To get you thinking about why weight matters to you, if that is actually your goal or not and also to get you thinking about your journey. If you don't lose weight or even gain weight one week but have lost inches (getting slimmer) how does that make you feel?

Granted if your goal is still weight loss you go for it!

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