Privacy Policy

How do I store your data in order to comply with GDPR 2018?

Information such as your contact details will only ever be stored on a password protected device or in a secure lockable location. No one can access this data other than myself, or yourself upon request.


What data do I keep?

The data I will store may include, but would not be limited to, your name, age, contact information, and where applicable any injuries you have/have had, any medical information I need to be aware of, measurements for progression, and so forth. Your information may be collected manually or electronically and predominately using a Physical Activity and Readiness Questionnaire form (hereafter PAR-Q).


A record of our completed sessions will be kept on file each month to be provided for meeting accountancy and tax purposes, however no third party will have access to any of your private details and will not be able to identify you by using said records.


Why do I need your data/what do I use it for?

The data I keep is all relevant to your sessions, being used to help you meet your goal(s), or for insurance purposes. I keep data to be able to refer to any previous goal(s) met and overall progress, or to look at previous programmes I have provided which enables me to continue to provide the best service possible. I will use the data to ensure necessary allowances are made for your programmes as needed, for example, avoiding certain movements if you have an injury etc.

What if my data changes once we have already commenced sessions?

If you have any changes in your health since completing a PAR-Q form, you will either need to complete a new one or be able to provide medical notes to be stored with the original form by way of updated details. If any medical notes need to be obtained from a third party, your written consent will be obtained before any attempts are made to contacting other professionals. Examples may include, but are not limited to, physiotherapists, chiropractors and GP’s. The information obtained in this way will only ever be used to enable my professional understanding on your medical needs and allow me to make any necessary allowances to your programmes and provide the best service to you at all times.


How long do I keep your data?

PAR-Q forms will be stored for up to 6 years. I will not keep any other data longer than necessary. If sessions come to a permanent end then your data will no longer be stored, with the exception of records of previous sessions completed in order to meet accountancy and tax requirements. Any data I receive that I no longer deem necessary to keep or are not relevant for your sessions will be discarded securely with immediate effect for your protection.

By contacting me you agree to have data, such as your email address & private information, safely stored and used when moving forward with my services. If going ahead you will be asked to complete a client consent form which will confirm that I am committed to protecting your privacy as above. If you do not go ahead with sessions, any data collected will be securely deleted.

By using my services, you also agree to be contacted by The Mark Method Ltd. by phone, text or E-mail for reasons including, but not limited to, appointment confirmations, my availability, payment reminders, appointment reminders, promotional information, advice or programming content.


If you are a regular client and the privacy policy changes at any time, you will be notified in writing.

- This Privacy Policy was most recently updated June 2018