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VPT (Virtual Personal Training) is exactly what it sounds like, utilising software such as Microsoft Teams or Whatsapp Video Calling, we would have a video call doing a Personal Training session based around your goal, ability and the equipment you have access to. Over the lockdowns due to COVID-19 this was the main service used by clients and they still got amazing results!

Clients I have been working with vary in terms of what they have access to. I've worked with clients that have no equipment at all, those that have a couple of bands, the odd dumbbell and those with fully kitted out home gyms.


VPT is treated just like Home Visit PT, the only difference is I'll be there via a phone screen, tablet or laptop instead of physically. 

Online Coaching is a cost-effective programme-only option through TrueCoach. All programmes will be customised to your goals, ability & resources you have available at the facility you train at.

Although you'd be paying for just the programme, so I can customise the programme to you and gain as much information as possible on your needs, we’d still book in a free no obligation consultation as well as regular check ins & feedback. The consultation would be held over various platform options and talk in detail what your exercise/injury history has been like, the goal, the equipment you have access to etc. After getting said info I get to work and set up the programme for you on TrueCoach!

Plans can be made for fat loss, increasing muscle size &/or strength, improving fitness, sports performance, toning/definition; specific events such as 5ks/10ks, mud runs, powerlifting competitions etc.

Plans can be made to fit in specific equipment/exercises you may enjoy doing such as sleds, barbells, gymnastic rings, bodyweight/calisthenics, kettlebells and more.

To book in or if you have any questions Get in touch!