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*Nutrition Coaching can be done online via video call*

You as the client have unconditional permission to eat whatever you like, whenever you like. Good start right? That being said what you eat can have consequences when working towards a goal and this is where my role comes in.

My role is to help guide you to fit the changes into your current lifestyle or help you work towards the lifestyle you want/need to meet and sustain your goal.

It is NOT to push you to a different lifestyle all together or towards something you don't want to do; this leads to not only better adherence but also a bigger likelihood you'll sustain your results.

I work with people all shapes and sizes, various goals and of course different dietary preferences. I'm also qualified in helping you with: behaviour change, nutrition for weight loss, muscle gain and performance, male and female health, PCOS, sports nutrition, diabetes, child nutrition, sports team coaching and much more.

When working with clients I like to give three options:

  • Hard & Fast - for those that: want quicker results, on a short timeframe, prefers to jump straight into something intense.

  • Slow & Steady - for those that: want sustainable change, has a longer timeframe, prefers to take things slower & less intense.

  • The Middle - exactly what it is! the in-between of the two options above.

There is no right or wrong, only preference. The Hard & Fast approach can be quite taxing, so once we reach a certain point, we then start to implement changes to make it more sustainable.

In our Nutrition Coaching appointments we talk nutrition, lifestyle habits, how to adapt and implement change, fitting everything into your current lifestyle etc. and you get my support throughout.

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— Jade

Mark helped me in a ginormous way! I was supposed to be married in April but lockdown hit. I postponed to September. By July my wedding dress no longer fit me cause of my lockdown diet (or lack thereof!). In the space of 8 weeks, Mark helped me shave inches off my bust, waist and hips so much that my dress was a perfect fit on the big day!
He was professional, accurate, extremely helpful and his communication was excellent. He's an incredibly happy and positive person! One huge plus for me was that I was told to eat more to lose weight!
10/10 would recommend Mark for his PT and nutrition help!
Thank you so much Mark, you saved my wedding day!"

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