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  • Why is the Consultation mandatory if it's free?
    The consultation is there for formalities such as PARQ, injury history, exercise history etc. and so we can get to know each other better. This could be information I get during our session(s), but it's a lot easier for both of us to do this without you trying to get a workout in at the same time. The consultation is free & with no obligation to sign up because if you want to sign up you will, if you don't you won't; I don't believe this is something you should have to pay to find out. If you're not sure that you will sign up, don't worry you won't be wasting your time. I'm in this career to help people and even if you decide to not go ahead, I always try to make sure the appointment leaves you in a better place than if you didn't have it 😁
  • Can I contact you 24/7? When do you deliver sessions?
    Like any profession, I have working hours and boundaries for my own work-life balance (or else I'll end up burning out 😬) I try to get back to people within my working hours on the same day but sometimes due to how booked up I can be it's not always possible, worst case scenario it will be within 24-48hours. My working hours are as follows: Mon 6am-5pm Tues 6am-7:30pm Wed 6am-12pm Thurs 6am-7:30pm Fri 6am-5pm Sat CLOSED Sun CLOSED *Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) / UK Time Zone - I do work with those overseas in different time zones *Bank Holidays - CLOSED
  • Can I work with you if I'm not based in England?
    Absolutely! Thanks to Online Coaching it's given me the ability to work with clients overseas, the furthest client I've worked with so far being around 10,000miles away! I've worked with clients based in Australia, United States & around England. The main challenge is synchronising schedules based on the different time zones but it typically doesn't take long. I work in GMT, it will differ depending on your time zone but here are my hours converted to ET & ACT My working hours in Eastern Time (EST) Mon 1am-12pm Tues 1am-2:30pm Wed 1am-8pm Thurs 1am-2:30pm Fri 1am-12pm Sat CLOSED Sun CLOSED My working hours in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (ACT) Mon 5pm-4am Tues 5pm-6:30am Wed 5pm-11pm Thurs 5pm-6:30am Fri 5pm-4am Sat CLOSED Sun CLOSED
  • How different is Online Coaching to In-Person Coaching?
    It's not too different! It's about what you feel is right for you. Both In-Person & Online you get me as your coach to support you as much as you need. In-Person Coaching is obviously what is says on the tin. You have x1 or x2 In-Person sessions per week where I take you through workouts as well as programming for outside our session(s). If you feel you need immediate technique feedback, accountability, encouragement & taking your session intensity up a notch, In-Person is right for you. Online Coaching offers more flexibility. You can train when you want, where you want, we regularly check in and you are still more than welcome to send over questions or videos of your lifts as often as you like where I can provide feedback when I'm available to do so (I try to stick to within 24hrs) Alternatively, you can start off In-Person and then move to Online when you feel ready. There is no right or wrong, it's about what is best for you & again, you'll still get my full support 😁
  • What does Coaching include?
    Coaching is a mixture of all the experience & qualifications I've acquired over the years. Late 2022 rather than having various prices for various services e.g. Nutrition Coaching, In-Person PT, Programming etc. I've included everything in just two packages Online Coaching & In-Person Coaching. This means everyone I work with gets the highest standard of coaching and at great value. Both programming & check-ins are done through the True Coach software, more info explained in this video...
  • Can you help with fat loss?
    Absolutely! If you feel like this is something you're struggling with, I offer different approaches depending on your current nutrition, what you like and work with you on ways you can modify it to suit your goals better. This is better for adherence AND enjoyment.
  • Can you help with gaining size & strength?
    My bread and butter, absolutely. I personally started off (height 6ft 2") at 63kg barely able to rep an empty barbell & making Medium sized clothes look baggy. If you are someone that feels their strength has plateaued or you can't seem to gain muscle, message me!
  • What do you mean by Post-Clinical Rehab?
    "Post-Clinical Rehab" is a term I've made up essentially! For easier understanding as to how I work with clients who are specifically post-rehab / post-injury. Sometimes it does need extra explanation so I'll elaborate... Rehab: you're injured, you see a clinician such as a physiotherapist, I'm not the guy! (Check out the "Local Businesses" part of my website for some phenomenal clinicians I can recommend) Post-clinical rehab is "the next step" after you've had clinical intervention or once you are no longer in pain. In short you sustain an injury due to the demand on your body being too much for your tissue tolerance. Post-injury performance can be affected for both physical & psychological reasons. "Post-clinical rehab" is how I work with clients to strengthen said areas whilst taking the injury history & biomechanics into account to minimise risk of sustaining said injury again. This is whilst addressing the psychological impact so you don't permanently label yourself as "injured" and hold yourself back so you'll feel confident in your ability. With everyone I work with, I coach to autonomy so there isn't this feeling of reliance and you feel empowered. I am also very aware of where my scope is and if I don't feel I am able to work with you, again, I have a great team I can refer to if needed. If you have a clinician you're currently working with, that's not a problem. So you can get the best help from both the clinician and myself, it's best that we have contact to understand our the main goal with your recovery (with your permission of course).
  • How does Coaching work when it comes to powerlifting competitions?
    You'll be coached as a Powerlifter from the moment we start working with each other having the goal of lifting more kilos! When it comes to competitions, we'll discuss before you book one to talk through your options and what would be best for you. If I can be there competition day to help you, I will be. If I can't, I set you up to be in the best possible position for the day. Once you confirm your competition booking, we put together a specific plan of action including your peaking plan, nutrition leading up to and the day of comp, warm ups/attempts on the day & variables of the day.
  • Can you help runners?
    From a biomechanics & running technique perspective absolutely. For beginner runners I usually recommend Couch to 5k but I should have something coming very soon 👀...
  • What can I do if I can't afford in-person coaching?
    Online Coaching is a cheaper option you could consider, the same high quality standard of coaching just without the in-person sessions. I also have a SBD Technique Session if you are after better Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift form. Alternatively follow me on Instagram &/or Facebook @TheMarkMethod where not only do I regularly post content which you may find helpful but you can also reach out to me on there & fire questions my way :)
  • Can I purchase coaching for someone?
    You absolutely can! I do have gift cards that you can purchase but a couple of things to bare in mind... * Make sure it's something they want 😂 * Make sure it's definitely something I can help with * Make sure you have an idea of their availability to make sure it matches mine * Make sure if it's In-Person Coaching, that they are able to make it to the locations I'm based at (The Cave Gym, Corby / Balance Health Clubs, Kettering) * They must make contact within 30 days from the date of purchase to make sure their booking is secured (as my availability can change quickly) * No refunds after 30 days from the date of purchase
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Before you read a snippet from my terms below, I am a small business owner who likes to earn his living. I don't like not delivering sessions whether it's paid or unpaid as I love what I do. I'll always try to be as fair to you as possible, however, as my availability affects all clients, I've got to be fair to everyone. In-Person Coaching: * If you know you cannot make an appointment, notify me via text as soon as possible. * If you give 24hours+ notice, you can reschedule your session. * If you give less than 24hours notice, I have the right to cancel the session of which will be charged and I will notify you via text.​​ * If you don’t give any notice, the session will be charged and I will notify you via text. * It is your responsibility to contact me to reschedule the appointment(s), appointments are subject to availability, appointments that aren’t used within the timeframe will expire unless agreed otherwise. * If you cancel 3 sessions in a row, regardless of the amount of notice, I'll confirm whether the session day/time is still suitable for you & see if there is an alternative that may suit you better. Online Coaching: * As Online Coaching is customised programming, once work has started you are unable to receive a refund. If your circumstances have changed and are unable to complete the programming, an Excel or PDF document of the programme will be sent to you at no extra cost so you can complete it when you can.
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