FREE Consultation

*ALL Consultations are online via video call*

The consultation is a mandatory, free of charge, no obligation to sign up appointment so that I can get to know about you, where the focus needs to be, where you are in your ability as a potential client and so you can ask any questions.

I like to make sure you get value out of our appointment so whether you sign up or not, you still get some form of help in your goals and know where your next steps should be.

In the consultation we cover:

  • Health screening form (if not completed prior to our appointment)

  • Goal(s)

  • Current lifestyle

  • Lifestyle history

  • Current nutrition

  • Nutrition history

  • Injury history

  • Recommendations for moving forward

  • Should you wish to go ahead with booking, we would then discuss pricing and our availabilities

*Whether you sign up or not, you will receive an email following our appointment with the notes and recommendations.

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